Huilend Hert / Aangeschoten Wild

Graduating Project - 2003

An inhabited installation of 6 tableaux vivants and a rambling subject

Six tableaux vivants with and about people who can no longer look outside themselves. Because the cocoon they live in pinches. Huilend Hert / Aangeschoten Wild marks off territories. Where is the boundary of the life you live? And where the boundary of the life you imagine? It is with this open day on people and their lives that Miet Warlop graduated from the Academy in Ghent (KASK 3D/Multimedia) in 2003.


performed by: Maaike Cafmeyer, Senta Kochanek, Nele Keukelier, Peter Van den bussche, Kathleen Vervaet, Heidi, Miet Warlop, Karin Tanghe, Eric Kempeneers, Tine Laureyns and Pieter Genard