Balancing tribal electronica, angular wave and powerful chants, ‘ICCHĀ’ is a frenzied sonic fusion between Belgium and Bangladesh.

The Belgian duo, comprising musician Micha Volders and visual artist Miet Warlop, present their debut album titled ‘ICCHĀ’. Stemming from their monumental performance ‘Chant For Hope’, which showcased native artists from Dhaka, ‘ICCHĀ’ revolves around the musical cadence and rich heritage of the Bengali language.

A powerful and uncompromising journey, ‘ICCHĀ’ offers a captivating soundworld with angular drumming and vocals that oscillate in mantra-like repetitions. The album features the performances of slam poet Shayer Noor, the energetic Muhammad Shanto, and the Chittagonian-spirited Tanny Das Gupta as protagonists, navigating the vibrant frenzy of Dhaka. Their contributions were carefully curated into a cohesive album that retains the inherent structure and heart of the original performance, ‘Chant For Hope.’

The pulsating debut single, OK GO ঠিক আ4ছে যাও, highlights the mantra-like shouts of Shayer Noor. The contrast between the deep, rumbling Bodhran drum and the airy backing vocals, repeating the same word, lends it a monumental and standout character.

Set for release on May 24th, the album will be available on picture disc vinyl LP and across all digital platforms via the Belgian label Mutropia.

Listen to the first single ‘OK GO ঠিক আ4ছে যাও’ here
Pre-order the vinyl record here

Concept & Lyrics by Miet Warlop
Music & Production by Micha Volders

Vocals by Shayer Noor, Nur Muhammad Shanto, Emam Hasan Shanto, Fabiha Tanjim Anchol, Tanny Das Gupta, Md Al Amin, Towfiq Arifin, Hossain Zibon & Miet Warlop

Recorded in Dhaka, Bangladesh Brussels, Belgium
Mastered by Calyx Mastering, Berlin

Images by Miet Warlop / Layout design by Mutropia

ICCHĀ kwam tot stand dankzij de steun van de Vlaamse Overheid, Mutropia, Irene Wool
Chant For Hope kwam tot stand dankzij de steun van Dhaka Art Summit, Diana Campbell Betancourt, Kanal Pompidou, Irene Wool