Slamming Doors is an attempt to not focus on the artistry while producing a new theatre show, but to listen to the current times. And by giving us what we might need: a recognizable language we know from everyday conversations.
Slamming Doors uses a light way of talking in an overacting body. While staging this contrast, illustrating the distance between our brain and the blank piece of paper on which we want to write our thoughts, an alienation takes place.
Slamming Doors investigates radical theatre making in a non-radical form. A pleasure platform like the sitcom, designed to reach a lot of people, but conceived to create a desire to listen. To embrace the complexity of difficult issues.
Slamming Doors is a place where we are willing to feel, think and laugh. A door comedy with a twist. A new form of people’s theater.

Have you ever felt the desire to burst into a room, say what needs to be said, and leave the room with a slamming door? Check this out!

Slamming Doors is a pleasure platform to create a desire of listening. With slammers who make themselves clear – one way or the other!
The project starts with a film trajectory: via a number of online episodes, an inviting framework is created that goes against the age-old niche thinking about art and experiencing art. The aim is, like with a sitcom, to gradually gain popularity and to transcend the momentum of the live performance.

Let’s start softly…

Online at Miet Warlop Youtube channel

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Concept, script and direction: Miet Warlop
With: Wietse Tanghe, Milan Schudel, Leonie Buysse, Willem Lenaerts, Christel Simons, Marc Siebert, Miet Warlop
Dramaturgical support: Louise Van den Eede
Artistic assistant: Marc Siebert
Outside eye: Fien Troch
Production: Carla Beeckmans
Technique: Bennert Vancottem
Camera: Simon Lefevre
Sound: Toon Van Craeyevelt
Editing: Sjoerd Tanghe
Music: Maarten Van Cauwenberghe

Recorded at Miet Warlop studio – LaVallée Molenbeek

Produced by: Miet Warlop / Irene Wool vzw and NTGent (BE)
With the support of: Frans Brood Productions (BE), Flemish Community (BE), City of Ghent (BE)